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ANURADHAPURABearing the pride of being the first kingdom of the ancient civilization of Sri Lanka, it was the third capital of the ancient Sri Lanka. The city preserved as a UNESCO world site as well. The rein of Anuradhapura was also considered as the most stable and the most prosperous era in the Sri Lankan history which fortified the Sri Lankan civilization. It is from this city that the Buddhism was brought into and was popularized throughout the country. This ancient city is important to the Buddhists of Sri Lanka as well as to the Buddhists of the entire world because it was where the religion was preserved to be continued for centuries. One can witness the well preserved ruins of the ancient civilization and the religion such as Ruwanweli Maha Seya, Sri Maha Bhodiya, Abhayagiri Dagoba, moonstones and sculptures.


KandyKandy is another destination in Sri Lanka which has tied the hearts of the tourists. This historic city was the last kingdom of the island before the British completely invaded the administration by force. Today the city is prominent among the both local and international tourists because of the sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic where the sacred tooth relic of the Lord Buddha is preserved. The tourists love Kandy not only because of the remaining grandeur of a proud history, but also because of the picturesque lake, misty mountains and the botanical gardens which trigger the beauty and of the entire country.


Polonnaruwa Polonnaruwa is one of the most significant ancient cities in Sri Lanka which carries the ruins of the most ancient kingdoms in the country. This city has also been declared as a World Heritage Site. Polonnaruwa contains the remainders of the Polonnaruwa kingdom such as the statue of the king Parakramabhahu, Council Chamber, Thuparama, Watadage, hatadage, Satmahal Prasadaya, Rankot Wehera and Kiri Wehera. It also consists of a number of lakes made by the kings who ruled the country during the Polonnaruwa kingdom. These lakes help the improvement of the irrigation system of the country which also helped the country to become the “peradiga dhanyagaraya.


SigiriyaSigiriya is a rock on which an ancient palace was built by a Sinhalese king. The sides of the rock are decorated by colourful frescoes and the gateway to the fort is carved in the form of an enormous lion. SIgiriya is important to the citizens of Sri Lanka because it is named as a world heritage site and it is also one of the 9 wonders of the world. The significance of the rock fortress is augmented by the frescoes painted on the sides of the rock, mirror wall where the king could see himself and later turned to a platform where poems are written by those who come to visit it, water gardens, boulder gardens and Terraced Gardens. The mixture of all these make the Sigiriya a unique creation which is created by the humans of all the times.

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya Nuwara Eliya is famous among the tourists and the locals for its cold temperature which soothes the burnings of the scathing, tropical sun. It is also famous for its tea production, beautiful sightseeing, fresh vegetables, exotic flowers and the chilly mist. Nuwara Eliya once was a prime sanctuary of the British civil employees because of the cool and England like weather which is also the same reason why it is nicknamed as the ‘Little England’. The season which attracts most of the travellers and the tourists to the city of Nuwara Eliya is the month of March and April which bears numerous colourful flowers and the soothingly warm weather which triggers the beautiful ambiance.


ColomboColombo, the current commercial capital of Sri Lanka is a divergent blend which represents the culture and the ethnicities of the entire country. One can witness the reminders of the colonial era and the proof that this pearl shaped island is heading towards the advancements of the economic development. Colombo offers its visitors an amazing experience of sophisticated shopping and it includes a number of exclusive sightseeing highlights.


RathnapuraRathnapura: meaning “city of gems” is located not more than 100km from Colombo. This city is the centre and the most celebrated city for stone mining including rubies, sapphires and other world eminent gems species. This city is also well-known since it is nearby to a number of the most famed tourist destinations in the country such as, Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Udawalawa National Park, Kithulgala, and Adam’s Peak. The city itself is beautified by the environing mountain ranges, waterfalls and tea plantations.


galleGalle can be considered as the most renowned tourist destination of the down South region of the country. Enriched with the sea form green the salty breeze, this city gives its visitors the perfect opportunity to enjoy the best of the maritime ambiance of Sri Lanka. Galle also consists of a number of Museums which bear the witness to the mixed culture that sprang from the Dutch invasions and the traces of the majestic Galle Fort.


HambantotaHambantota has it all, which the tourists are sorting after. On the one side one can enjoy the view of the beautiful and golden sea, archaeological sites, wild life which is exclusive to the country and the well-known salt flats. Hambantota also houses the first wind farm house of the country, a new international sea port, an international air port and the famous Tele- Cinema village. The modern Hambantota is equivalent to the Colombo with regard to the commercial value and the facilities that are being developed for the past decade.


Hikkaduwa Hikkaduwa is a coastal town situated in the South coast of the country. This is celebrated among the tourists and the locals who are interested in the relaxing sea beach and the adventurous water sports. Most of the people love Hikkaduwa because of the beautiful colours of the sea and the crystal clear sands. The economy of the town is mostly dependent upon the tourism industry and the water sports industry. Hikkaduwa is reputed as the second best surfing spot in Sri Lanka as well and for the Hikkaduwa Coral Sanctuary which is consisted of approximately seventy varieties of multi coloured corals.


YalaSituated in the Southeast Coast of the island, Yala is the second largest national park in Sri Lanka. Yala National park contributes immensely to the conservation of the elephants, Sri Lankan Leopards and aquatic birds in the country. It is house to more than 215 bird species, 44 species of mammals and considered as one of the biggest leopard densities in the world. This park is enriched with the flora and fauna including mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrate. The rich bio diversity and the eco system in the park have made it a reservation with highly importance to the country.


TrincomaleeTrincomalee is famous among the local travellers and the tourists for the large harbour which is considered to be the only natural harbour of the island and for the beautiful dark blue and mesmerizing ocean. The Trincomalee harbour consists of two harbours namely inner and outer harbour divided by the Trincomalee Peninsula. One who visits Trincomalee can also pay a visit to the famous Koneswaram Temple, Bhaddrakali Amman Temple, The Dutch Fort, Trincomalee Hindu Cultural Hall and the Nilaveli beach. Another unique experience the visitors of the Trincomalee can have is the bubbling hot springs where they can have a bath.

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